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TracerPlus DesktopDevelop Mobile Applications

Develop Mobile Apps in minutes without programming. TracerPlus Desktop is free to use mobile app development software compatible with Windows Mobile, CE and Android devices ranging from Barcode Scanners to Smart Phones.

TracerPlus Desktop is the do-it yourself way to leave paper forms behind. Design your own mobile apps quickly and risk free with our easy to use mobile application design tool for the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.

TracerPlus Desktop enables non-programmers and programmers to completely control the look, feel and flow of your their mobile forms. At the same time, configurable enterprise class data collection features such as barcoding, RFID, image and signature capture and GPS eliminate the need for costly custom development.

Download for Free: TracerPlus Desktop is FREE, you only license the mobile clients you decide to release to production and all apps can be deployed in trial mode for testing at no cost.

Form Design for Everyone: TracerPlus Desktop gives non-programmers the power to create enterprise class mobile forms in an intuitive drag and drop environment similar to most publishing programs. Programmers will appreciate the rich data collection feature set that will save hours of development time.

TracerPlus-MobileClient-logo-webDeploy to Mobile Devices

Deploy Apps to Smartphones, Tablets, Barcode Scanners and RFID Terminals running Windows Mobile, CE or Android. Use apps for Asset Tracking, Inventory, Field Service and virtually any mobile need.

TracerPlus provides the flexible, powerful, and easy to use mobile software platform for your Windows Mobile barcode terminals, phones and enterprise class digital assistants. Whether it be asset tracking, warehouse inventory, mobile inspections, on-site repair service, or any other number of business operations, TracerPlus redefines how you track, move and manage your data.

Simplify your system: Convert your cumbersome paper and clipboard method to an efficient electronic and automated system that saves time, removes redundancy and prevents costly errors.

Make the switch quickly and painlessly: In the past, mobile development took weeks, even months to complete. With TracerPlus, your system can now be created in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.

The TracerPlus mobile client provides the platform for your applications on the device. This allows you to use the free TracerPlus Desktop design tool to create applications containing different forms for different purposes; multiplying the value of your mobile device.

TracerPlus is the ideal solution for:
  • Inventory Audits
  • Asset Management
  • Route Delivery Management
  • Mobile Sales
  • In Process Quality Control
  • In Field Surveys
  • Mobile Picking and Packing
  • Visitor Tracking and Validation
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Many other Mobile Data Collection needs

TracerPlusConnect-logo-webConnect Your Mobile Devices to Your Data

Sync Mobile Data to and from any database or software system with TracerPlus Connect. It is simple to connect workers, in real time or batch, to Excel, Access, MySQL or any other database. With TracerPlus Connect any PC software can go mobile.

TracerPlus Connect is the ideal software tool for your organizations data sharing needs. Developed to enable TracerPlus users to quickly map and sync their data without programming, Connect has enabled thousands of users to access mission critical data. Organizations of any size can now affordably share data between their mobile workforces and office based systems without changing their workflows.

  • Sync mobile data with and between ODBC databases and MS Excel.
  • Wizard driven data mapping doesn’t require programming.
  • Flexible sync profiles enable unlimited syncing methods.
  • Multi-threading enables TracerPlus data to be shared w/ multiple systems.
  • TracerPlus Windows Mobile/CE and Android compatible.