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Talk to the Vivarium Lab RFID Experts

Gateway’s extensive experience in creating and installing complete RFID systems for vivarium labs has taught us that no two labs are exactly the same. The one constant, however, is that census data collection can be a time-consuming task that takes focus away from other important work. But it doesn’t have to be.

By allowing gateway to customize a cost-effective RFID census data collection system for your vivarium lab, you can scan hundreds of cage cards in seconds — reducing your census time by 75%! You’ll also prevent collection errors and the census data is available for upload to your facilities animal management software.

  • An RFID system typically includes easy-to-use printers, software, cage cards and RFID readers
  • You print readable data directly onto card surface at the same time the RFID chip is being encoded
  • A wide variety of card materials and colors are available to meet all requirements
  • Card material is tear proof and highly resistant to repeated exposures to foam washes and alcohols
We’d love to talk to you about your vivarium lab census collection needs. Our product expertise, combined with a philosophy that puts clients’ needs above our own, allows us to deliver the highest levels of customer support and satisfaction. Call or visit us online today!


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